Leadership Management and Style Questions

Assignment criteria 1,200 words plus or minus 10% - 20% of total marks. All references in Bibliography. Q1. Describe what the word Leadership means. 2.5 marks Q2. Explain how Leadership differs from Management. 2.5 marks Q3. Do research on various Leadership Styles/Theories and do a detailed comparison between two different Theorist's Leadership styles. 4 marks Q4. Explains how these theories are different. 1 mark Q5. Explain how you would diagnose what development level a team member is at using Hersey & Blanchard's model. 2.5 Q6. How woul this help in knowing which Hersey & Blanchard style to use. 2.5 marks Q7. Give two recommendations on what you will do differently going forward to help you develop you own leadership style. 4 marks Q8. What benefits will this mean for your team or organisation. 1 mark

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